Hi! I’m Santiago Moreno, a game programming student at Sheffield Hallam University. These are some of the projects I’ve released during my studies and spare time:

Fuel Renegades, Unreal Engine 4 arcade multiplayer racing game.

An Arcade Multiplayer Racing Game (Fuel Renegades) in Unreal Engine 4.
Steam Store link

MootEngine a Custom OpenGL/C++ PBR engine

3D Game Engine using modern C++ and OpenGL. Focused on PBR Metallic workflow + IBL
Demo video

Voxel Terrain in Raspberry Pi 3

Implementation of a graphic algorithm with the maximum optimizations possible and profiling every change made.
Demo video

Game Projects

A variety of games I have made or collaborate worth showing to public. Download available for free in all of them.

I have interest in every part of game development, I am currently studying programming but I have done 3D Animation and Modeling as well, in my spare time. I love working on existing engines, those more standardised such as Unreal Engine 4 or Unity 3D and others growing like Godot Engine. However, I would not mind working on adding amazing features to be part of an existing engine.

Don’t forget to check out my blog’s posts for more worked made by me in detail.


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