Fuel Renegades, Unreal Engine 4 arcade multiplayer racing game.

I worked in an Arcade Multiplayer Racing Game (Fuel Renegades) in Unreal Engine 4 as part of my final year at the Computer Games and Programming skills HND. In the project there was involved 6 programmers and 4 artist.

I formed part of the technical team and my worked there fulfill many aspects of the game development, from tools programming, gameplay programming, game design to technical support. Here is my main contributions for the game:

As Technical Support provider and link between Art and Technical teams, including identifying and fixing performance issues, providing support to other team members and establishing a communication with the art team to fulfill technical specifications.

As Tools Programmer, I created two tools that helped optimization and level design:

For level design, I made a spline-based road to easily create varied and professional tracks.
Post about this: Spline-based road post.

For optimization,  I made a tool that grabbed all the static items of the game and regrouped them as instanced mesh (Unreal doesn’t do this by default) reducing this way the draw calls from thousands to hundreds.
I made a post talking about this: Instancing tool post

As Gameplay Programmer, I was involved in the game loop, this includes when the race start and end, how to manage overtakes and when to trigger respawns. The local multiplayer aspect of the game, the Split-Screen support. The camera manipulation for more speed and control feeling. The creation of Inverse-Kinematics (IK) rigs for vehicles and all the maths involved for vehicle animations.

As Level Designer, I formed part of the creation of every track using the Spline-Based road tool to create the base of the circuit.

Our game Fuel Renegades was awarded as Second Best Game in the Student Game Contest ’18, as well as the Best Technology.

Published in Steam in the 31st of July for free:


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