Game Jams and Small Games

Game Jam: Ludum Dare 38 (A small world)

Tadeo Scapes the Dinosaur


Tadeo has been eaten by a dinosaur and now he lays in the interior of its stomach.
He must find the way to get out of there, by using objects, which will be found exploring the dinosaur.


This game is based on platforming, exploration and, in future, tons of puzzles! Every new update will bring more humor to the game.

Made with Unity


Game Jam: GMTK Game Jam 2017 (Dual purpose design)

Blood or Die


You’re in the control of Jileoyin, a cursed woman which has to fight against several dungeons bosses using her bloody sword.
She must survive by killing heal from her enemies and restore her normal appearance.

Made with Unity


Small Game: Beat Colors

Minimalist, challenging beat based game where you must match colors to get the better score and combo you can.

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